Information for Poles staying abroad due to the announcement of epidemiological threat

  • If you are travelling as part of an organised tour, contact the organizer, who should help you return to Poland.
  • If you are travelling independently, follow the procedure of your airline. Check with the airline if you can change your flight to a different EU member state from which you will be able to travel to Poland by land (by car, bus or coach). At the moment, only Germany has not announced limitations in border crossing.
  • Contact your insurance company to extend your insurance policy and check if the policy can cover the costs of changed travel arrangements and your extended stay abroad.
  • If you are unable to return of Poland, send an e-mail to the closest consular Office, providing your personal details and briefly describing your situation and the place where you are staying. We will inform you if there is a possibility of  special charter flights to Poland.
  • All Polish citizens currently staying abroad have the right to enter Polish territory. Each Polish citizen returning to Poland will be examined and required to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

For more information on the border closure, go to: information in Polish

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